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The Munster Cast

The Munsters Today, Still The Munsters After All These Years (Unaired Pilot)

This pilot was written and produced by Lloyd J. Scwartz, bridging the gap between the 1966 series and the Munster family in 1988. The series was picked up and ran for three successful seasons on syndicated television, proving popular with a new generation of Munster fans.

John Schuck - Herman
Lee Meriwether - Lily
Howard Morton - Grandpa
Mary Ellen Dunbar - Marilyn
Jason Marsden -- Eddie

This sequel series starts with Grandpa creates "Sleeping Chambers," coffins which make the user fall asleep for a selected amount of time, and insists the entire family try them out. After Grandpa sets the dial for 30 minutes and shuts the door, a flash of light and a falling beam change the dial to "Forever." 22 years later, a man named Mr. Prescott and his assistant explore the Munsters' house with plans to turn it into a parking lot when they unknowingly awaken the Munsters from their Sleeping Chambers. Finding themselves in the 1980s, the Munsters work to adjust themselves to the current time period.
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Production - The Arthur Company MCA TV
Distributor - MCA TV (1988-1991) NBCUniversal Television Distribution

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