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The Munster Cast


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Long time fan. Love listening to these guys

Thank you

Thank you for doing this show, this means more than you know. Seeing my childhood talked about on a weekly basis is just amazing. I love The Munsters and am happy to see others loving them as well. Keep up the good work. Spectacular Show!

Great guests & stories

Perfect podcast if you’re a pro or a duffer! Enjoyable for anybody and everybody. Don’t miss these entertaining podcasts!

Thank you

I am here for the munsters family. I love them all Thank you for this show.

I watched this growing up in 1965.

This is a Pretty good munsters show, I have been looking for more munsters tv show content for awhile now as someone who grew up watching the original programming. These two gentleman do a good job of keeping the show down to earth as the original show was. Good luck, keep it up.

Can't wait

Can't wait to hear who the next guest is.

Great Show!

Honestly I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the best one out there! This podcast IS AMAZING. Keep up the good work !!

Found them through twitter, I loved how much these guys seemed to enjoy The Munsters Franchise, Just from their tweets alone. I finally started listening about 3 months ago and fell in love with the way they seem to care for the franchise. Bonus they have a youtube channel with extra content. I have recommended this to many friends and now I do to anyone reading this. The care for the franchise really sells this show for me.

This is a pretty good show. Full disclosure I have listened to their other podcast operation babble for the last few years. That said, listening to this style from them I genuinely like it. I am Truly ecstatic to see where this show goes in the future and definitely recommend this to any Munsters fan or enthusiast out there in search of a good time, especially with people who seem to enjoy and love the characters.

The best

Holy crap the best Munsters Podcast ever. It seems the hosts have a good friendship both on and off the show and you can really tell from the jokes. Both Hosts bring a different level of imagination and really do The Munsters true justice in their conversations and breakdowns of each episode. Definitely listen to this show it’s worth it for any Munsters fan and fan of rewatch podcasts. Keep it up I’m loving it.