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57: Herman The Astronaut (The Munsters Today)

March 20, 2023

This week Myke & Tivis dive into THE MUNSTERS TODAY Episode Eight “Herman The Astronaut” This week Herman is stress free and get the chance to go to Venus…. Join in as we talk this week. Check Out   TH…

56: Corporate Munsters (The Munsters Today)

March 13, 2023

This Week Myke & Tivis dive into THE MUNSTERS TODAY Episode seven “Corporate Munsters”Herman becomes the boss and Eddie trains in this weeks episode JOIN us as we dive on in. Check Out   THE MUNSTER CA…

55: Farewell Grandpa (The Munsters Today)

March 6, 2023

First Let's pay Respect to the late great Ricou Browning. This week Myke & Tivis dive into THE MUNSTERS TODAY Episode six “Farewell Grandpa”  Grandpa has forgotten  to get his immigration papers situated what will happen as …

54: Designing Munsters (The Munsters Today)

Feb. 27, 2023

This week Myke & Tivis dive into THE MUNSTERS TODAY Episode five “Designing Munsters” This week lily dives into her designs and Herman works the graveyard shift, Join in as we talk this week. Check Out…

53: Magna Cum Munsters (The Munsters Today)

Feb. 20, 2023

This week Myke & Tivis dive into THE MUNSTERS TODAY Episode four “Magna Cum Munsters”  Join in as the WHOLE Munster family is working to gain knowledge. Will They come out on top? What will they learn? What will YOU learn? J…

52: Flyweight Champion Of The World (The Munsters Today)

Feb. 13, 2023

This week Myke & Tivis dive into THE MUNSTERS TODAY Episode three Flyweight Champion Of The World.... Eddie is being bullied and plan G needs to happen. Join us as we discuss it. Check Out THE MUNSTER …

Recent Blog Posts

The Munsters Marineland Carnival Found Special coming to D…

In between the first and second series of The Munsters, they appeared in a one-hour special called Marineland Carnival, 18 April 1965.



Grandpa Munster Meets WCW talent on Super Scary Saturday

Grandpa Munster, Al Lewis himself hosts Super Scary Saturday and teams up with Ted Turners WCW while King Kong Battles Godzilla.

About the Hosts

Myke ShrewsProfile Photo

Myke Shrews


Myke has been working in the entertainment industry for 10+ years and has a love for all forms of media. Listening to Music, watching films and TV with a passion, and even being interested in behind the scenes work since he was a little kid watching Ninja Turtles BTS footage on VHS.

Starting out at a young age as a writer and musician, then working his way into various recording studios and radio stations. It wasn't until he was 19 when he made a music video for a group he was producing that he found his passion behind the camera. After that he decided to go full on into the filmmaking part of the industry. This love of filmmaking and desire to tell stories ultimately chose the career path he has taken, for better or worse.

Myke grew up watching The Munsters with his grandma along with many other shows such as Bewitched, I dream Of jeanie, Hogans heroes, quantum leap, and many more. This period of his life setup his love of classical TV shows and set his eyes towards classical films. This period is most likely the push in his life that made him have a career in the arts and mostly filmmaking as it pushed his love of films and stories.

Myke hosts both The Munster Cast & Operation Babble podcasts. He is A massive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan and Trekkie. He is also a father of 2 great and spoiled kids, with a wife who puts up with his crazy antics and collection of action figures and various Pop culture collector items.

TivisProfile Photo


Podcaster/Pop Culture Enthusiast/Whovian

TBD Until He Stops being lazy!!!
He hasn't stopped being lazy... SOOOOO here it goes....

Tivis, the man, the myth, the boring one... Tivis has lived his life loving pop culture, whether it be books, movies, tv, comics, whatever you put in front of him, Tivis will devour it into his mind.

Tivis the man who wants to be called Daddy (podcast joke you gotta listen)
Tivis the man who is one of the nicest people I have met, who tolerates a ton and who will shake his head and probably text me as soon as he reads this....


Also co-host on the Operation Babble Podcast