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The Munster Cast

The Munsters Today

The Munsters Today is a 1980's sequel/reinvention tv show. The series follows the daily life of THE MUNSTERS  including Herman & Lily. They are joined once again by Grandpa, their son Eddie, and their niece Marilyn. 

In the sequel series, Grandpa invents "Sleeping Chambers," or coffins that put the user to sleep for a chosen duration, but when a falling beam changes the dial to "Forever," the family is inadvertently put to sleep for 22 years. In the 1980s, Mr. Prescott and his assistant explore the Munsters' house with plans to turn it into a parking lot, they unknowingly awakening the family from their Sleeping Chambers. Now The Munsters must adapt to the new era and find their footing in the present day.


Main Cast

John Schuck As Herman Munster 

Lee Meriwether AsLily Munster

Jason Marsden As Eddie Munster

Hillary Van Dyke As Marilyn Munster 

Howard MortonAs Grandpa(Vladimir) Dracula 


This color revival broadcast 73 episodes from October 8, 1988, to May 25, 1991, Making it have more episode and seasons than the original series. The unaired Pilot (With Mary Ellen Dunbar as Marilyn) explained the 22-year gap following the original series by showing the family as they were in 1966. They were testing out a sleeping machine that Grandpa created. Unfortunately for The Munsters like most of grandpa's inventions something goes wrong as they test it out and fall asleep only to wake up in 1988. 

The show was created following a failed attempt to revive the franchise with most of the original cast (Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo and Al Lewis) in the 1981 telefilm The Munsters' Revenge

The Munsters Today  was nominated for the Young Artist Award 3 years in a row from 1989-1991 with stars actors Jason Marsden & Hillary Van Dyke. The show was also Nominated and WON 3 Daytime Emmy Awards. Once in 1990 for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup from artists David Abbott, Gilbert A Mosko. Then againIn in 1991 for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup from artistsDavid Abbott, Gilbert A Mosko & Carlos Yeaggy. Also in 1991 for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling from hairstylist Jody Lawrence



Watch the Unaired Pilot Here 


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